I took the stars and made a map.

I knew that somehow I would find my way back.

poet, treehugger, empath, queer, nerd, deep in love, pagan, librarian, activist, musician, healer, geek, haunted, full of grace, eater of persimmons

I heard your heart beating; it was in darkness too, so I stayed in the darkness with you.

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U.S. makes it legal for aid groups to help Somalians

  • before Aid groups couldn’t get food to starving people in al-Shabaab-controlled areas in Somalia. That’s because the U.S. has sanctions against the al-Qaeda affiliated group who is doing everything in their power to ensure aid doesn’t reach civilians — including diverting aid and killing aid workers.
  • now The U.S. now says it won’t prosecute aid groups whose aid falls into the wrong hands — which is a good thing. It’ll make it at least a little easier to get aid to people in Somalia, but it’ll still be dangerous. 14 World Food Programme workers have been killed in the region since 2008 alone.

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