I took the stars and made a map.

I knew that somehow I would find my way back.

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I heard your heart beating; it was in darkness too, so I stayed in the darkness with you.

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A talking lion, a witch, and a sassy gay fawn live in a magical land inside a wardrobe and create a legacy of coming-out puns to last the ages.

Writers and their favorite snacks!  Who doesn’t love snacks?

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And it’s all just a jump to the left!


The Criminologist has no neck. Frank is a transvestite that will fuck anything that moves. Rocky is only 1/7th of a man. Columbia gets shot in the tits by a laser. Dr. Scott is a cripple but fishnets cure paraplegia. Eddie has a Teddy, then he becomes dinner. Janet is a slut. Brad is an asshole. Magenta and Riff Raff love incest. Frank didn’t go down and as a result is killed. The castle gets beamed back to Transsexual Transylvania.

If only this was how education and outreach always worked.  <3


I’m currently an English teacher working in Beijing and I was teaching a class of 3-5 year olds here at work. The subject was clothing and I came to the word ‘dress.’ The following conversation ensued.

(In Chinese) 3 Year old girl: I’m wearing a dress.
5 year old boy: I want to wear a dress!

Ray Bradbury&#8217;s Fahrenheit 451 as imagined by betterbooktitles. 

Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 as imagined by betterbooktitles